CNC Project Help

I have a resin river slab I would like to flatten on the CNC, problem is that I have not taken the class for the CNC. Would anyone be able to help me with this? The dimensions are 6 ft by 22 inches by 1.5 inches


I can some time this week, Friday or Saturday would work for me. Pm me when you could bring it up. You want the top and bottom milled down?

Just as another option, at that size you can take it to Hardwood Lumber Co on Goodnight lane and they can run it through their big planer and it would be done in no time.

I actually just got notified I have to drive out of town for work for the next week, are you available at next Friday or Saturday? And I would send you a PM but I am a new member so I can’t :frowning: Are you able to send me a PM so I can respond to it?

Also, I want to flatten both sides, but I want the bottom to be milled about a 0.5"

That was my preferred method, but that want $200 because they don’t like working with resin.

If it isn’t cured correctly (not saying it isn’t - just they can’t control it) it can gum up planers so I wouldn’t blame them.

Yah I don’t blame them either. The safest option is to use a CNC, I would not like to ruin anyone’s planer lol

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If you do it I would like to lurk. I was certified on the CNC a long while ago but haven’t done a project. I will keep a safe 6’ distance, I just want to watch someone go through the process.

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I would like to observe also. I was certified on the CNC, but it’s been so long since I’ve used it, I would like to just watch. I have a project I want to do on the CNC soon.

@themitch22 when @AlexRhodes showed me the basic process, it was multiple Passes and was going to be a couple hours for the table he was leveling. Maybe we could set up an event and have time slots that interested parties could come and see? That way not everyone is crowding around to see first pass. Just a thought.

I am not doing a cnc class but I can show people one on one. I have other cnc work to do soon so I’ll probably be there more often. Table milling and planing is pretty strait forward; set surface, max depth, set speed and feedrate and depth, set home corner, move to opposite corner, use table mill.

Honestly the work is just plane boring


@apparently_weird & @themitch22 I’m only interested in watching the setup. I know CNC backwards and forwards. I even built my own small router CNC at home. I just need a refresher on the DMS pendant and process. I know we have the printed sheets to follow, but it will burn into my brain better watching someone go through the steps. I’ve used the MultiCam on my own before, but it’s been about a year. Just want a refresher. :grin:

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That’s why I was suggesting an event vs a class. That way folks could know when to stop by and just see the process. It’s different than setting up carving a sign on a flat board.

Dude brilliant.

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I have a small CNC at the house (35"x35" Millright Mega V) and it is kicking my but in set up and learning. Is there anything I can come watch, one-on-one training to get me running. I do some simple wood working stuff and need the capability to engrave and design things for my after hours gig. Could you help if possible?