CNC Multicam - Looking to pay for a small job

Hi guys, I hope everyone is traversing this unique time safely.

I’m not close enough to the DMS space to use it on a regular basis.
But I have a need for someone who can operate the CNC.

I am wrapping up the construction of our kitchen doors and have some 3/4" MDF with oversized walnut edging for the upper doors that I need flattened before veneering. I’ve worked on one door with a hand plane and the rotex but it’s wanting to taper the panel, which will be detrimental over the long run with the veneer process. What I would like is to have someone run the planer bit (flattening bit) on the CNC over the edges of the doors to get them nice and flat. There are 10 doors. Most are 18x42 or so. I’m willing to pay for your time and membership for a couple months in return.

Hopefully this is allowed here. If not please let me know and I can take the post down.
Otherwise if someone has a resource that can do this affordably I’m all ears as well.

Thank you

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I could meet you at DMS to estimate how long this would take but I’m willing to help. Seems like a fairly plane job (pun intended)

Thanks Mitch, can you message me your number and I’ll call you.