CNC Mill/Routing equipment Classes

Hello. I’m trying to find classes for the CNC Mill/Routing equipment. Will these be offered anytime soon? I looked on the calendar and didn’t see any courses listed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

rhere is another tread on this but basiclly the haas and the teacher are down right now… @jphelps does the shakeepoo mills quite often =- keep checking the calandar


Thanks for the quick response. Just to confirm I’m not interested in the metal, but the CNC machines in the wood shop. I don’t know if I linked my chat to the right department. If Im correct and the Haas is a metal mill, please let me know and I will make sure to redirect this message to the right person.

The CNC machines in Woodshop are the Shapeoko 2 and the MultiCam. The Shapeoko 2 is a small format CNC you’ll find in an enclosure on a cart, usually against the wall. The MultiCam is the very large format CNC and that’s the one many folks are waiting on teacher availability for. If the MultiCam is the one you’re interested in, if you don’t know/have access to VCarve or other program that can generate GCode, that would be a good place to start so you’ll be ready with some designs from the jump. Search on Talk for the thread to access the VCarve through DMS.

If you’re interested in doing plastics AND some soft metals (no wood), we have the Shapeoko 3 in the Machine Shop.

@jphelps teaches both the Shapeoko 2 & 3 classes.

I’ve submitted a class for each of the Shapeoko’s for later this month.


Part of the path to get to the MultiCam is that you need to take the Shapeoko 2 first. Similar process to get your feet on the path.

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What does it mean to submit a class? I’d like to get back on the MultiCam but don’t see a class.

If you’ve worked on the MultiCam previously, you might chat with @SWA . He’s currently leading the MultiCam SIG. I know that for brand new users, he wants them to take the Shakeopo first.

I expect the Shakeopo classes to show up on the Calendar sometime tonight. Worst case – 3 days from submission to availability. However, the auditing team is currently approving classes to put them on the Calendar earlier.

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I was trying to get into the Shapeoko 2 Basic Training course you’re running on January 23rd. Its full, do you happen to have room for one more? or do you have an idea of when you might have another class schedule?

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Same here!!

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Keep an eye out for cancellations and there will be more in early February.

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Thank you!!!