CNC Lathe Auction, ends 11-15-18


2950$ now from 16 members.
I have not put any bids in yet. I have been watching it and waiting until the last few hours to see how high it gets. I’m hoping that it doesn’t jump anymore but I’m not optimistic.


Put me down for $50 just because I want to be able to say I helped if this does get purchased. I’m being purely selfish here.


Expansion does not need to approve this - but at this time we can’t add power for it either.

MS asked for power for two future Bridgeport’s. I suspect but do not recall for certain whether it was three phase. MS could use that power for this if we want to.


Re: Space. There should be plenty of physical space.

Our “5 year plan” provided for extra drops, i.e like Bridgeports. Also, before the move was planned, when we got the second lathe, it a “place holder” for a future CNC in needed.

If additional power is needed is needed that will be a fitting out cost for Machine Shop
as that was not part of the original plan submitted. In the unlikely event we get this for a good price (being honest here, I expect price to skyrocket in final half hour beyond what we can raise) it will be at such a great rice that the additional cost will be minimal to what we expected to pay for just the machine.Great that it has its own transformer.

HAAS CNC Lathe - UTD Auction - SOLD $9,575.00

I’m in for $100


I’ll kick in $50.

edit: Oooh, it’s my cake day, although it looks more like pie…


That’s what I’m expecting.


And she’s gone. Over 5,500$ already


What about that 4th axis, could we use that with the Haas?


Winning bid was $10,600


Yep, & that Baby Hardinge was like 425, I wish I bought that one for myself.


In case you didn’t see this message from the other post. I would like to thank the 19 members who stepped up on a very short notice to support this endeavor! @JRay thank you for suggesting the Haas-style approach and @TBJK for rallying the troops.


Some risks are worth taking, we wouldn’t be where we are it if that wasn’t the case. I can always make more money. Giving the opportunity to the community is more important to me at times. Something like this is a game changer, it would give the opportunity to many people to learn & potentially get a foot in the door or experiences.

@TBJK well said! I personally want to thank you and all the members who stepped up to the plate to support this endeavour. It speaks volumes when a group of individuals will put their faith and money into a dream of making DMS a better place for us and as Tim said, giving others the opportunity to learn. Thank you.


Group contributions is how we got the HAAS. I think we raised $6k in a afternoon and the Board made up the rest. This community is amazing and why we have been so successful. Our members donate tons of time and money to make this place what it is. Thanks to those the put in effort beyond just what they want to work on.