CNC help - want to learn and operate the CNC machine

Would love to get certified on using the big Multicam CNC router in woodshop, appreciate if anyone could teach, happy to pay/trade. Thanks a lot!


I’m interested in getting certified and trained to use the CNC machine please. Anyone can teach this class.

This is a hard question because we have quite a few CNC machines in the space… and nobody knows which one you want to learn.

I get the best luck with this process:

  • Determine which tool I want to learn
  • Read the committee pages and training about the tool
  • Check (moodle site) for training related to the tools (We’re promoting more classes online, so the library will grow)
  • Check the for classes related to the tool
  • If there’s a class, sign up
  • if there’s no class posted, check Talk for others requesting the class
  • Check Calendar and attend the monthly committee meeting for that tool and ask if anybody will be offering classes soon.

That’s pretty much a sure-fire way of getting checked out on classes.


In addition, the tools list is a good central point for many links and references about most of the tools.

Hey there,

After reading through a few discussions and looking at the event page for a class, I’ve been trying to figure out how to join training for a CNC. I would like to learn how to die-cut 4x8 wood boards to produce large signage. I am wondering if anyone is available to conduct training this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday?

I was fairly sure I’d seen something about where we stood in getting the Intro to MultiCam class up.

There were issues with the previous training. So far as I understand, we don’t have folks lined up to do the basic training. The MultiCam SIG is currently working on recertifying folks who were “trained” previously. They haven’t done the train-the-trainer class yet.

@SWA? Anything to add?

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Thanks for letting me know. I saw that there was re-certification training, but I couldn’t figure out how to schedule the prereq. Is the Introduction to MultiCam SIG normally a group or individual session?

Not an official response, but it starts with a group class, then practice is optional and would be done with a peer buddy who has been doing it for a while, followed by an individual test / signoff.

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