CNC classes and Cert

Hello, can someone tell me how to access the certification web classes needed to operate the CNC machines please?

We have a:

  • CNC Wood Router (MultiCAM)
  • Small Shapeoko (Woodshop)
  • Big Shapeoko (Plastics)
  • Plasma cutter (Dynatorch)
  • CNC Lathe (Machine Shop, Sherline)
  • 3D Printers (CNC printing)
  • CNC Mill (Machine Shop, HAAS)
  • PCB Mill (CNC PCB Router)

Which one are you talking about? They’ll be a different process and instructors for each.

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I believe it’s the CNC wood router.

These classes are forthcoming.

In order to use the machine you first must be or become proficient in either Vcarve 11.0 , or some CAD software that exports DXF files. The next step is to attend the Vcarve CAM class, then the MultiCAM machine operator class. Where do you fall within these requirements?

Complete newby! Do I purchase Vcarve 11.0 or CAD on my own or is this something that I must go into Makerspace for? I can learn the software side of it pretty quickly (I think not having seen this software yet.)

Another awesome benefit of DMS is that you get to use the Vcarve software under DMS’s license. Go to the following link and download Vcarve Pro V11 to get started. Even though it is a trial download, all of the features are usable, except for exporting the gcode files the multicam uses. You will be given a code later that will allow you to open your completed files and export gcode from a workstation located inside DMS. Until then enjoy learnng Vcarve.

P.S. We will be adding the Shapeoko XXL that is being used in plastics to our supported devices very soon.