[Closed] Side job creating CAD model

Anyone interested in creating a relatively simple CAD model or know anyone that would? Phone or text James at 214-675-8888.

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Posting more info would help streamline the process of finding someone with the right skillset.
Pictures are worth a thousand words, and the purpose for the cad model is also helpful. ‚ÄėRelatively simple‚Äô is also an incredibly broad catch-all phrase.
Is it going to be 3d printed? CNC machined? Imported into a videogame? Used for render/virtual visual purposes?



Thanks for your tips but I’ve already had several people respond…met with someone the next day and hired them.

Something helpful at this point would be knowing how to remove the post from the message board.

Just edit the title by adding FOUND or CLOSED

So somewhere along the line I’ve apparently hit a trust level that lets me edit anybody’s title…

Like any superpower, I try to only use it for good…


Ah, excellent! Glad you got the help you needed then. :slight_smile:

I just tried that after I saw your comment and I also have this power.

Felt kinda scary

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