Cleanliness is a thing

So, I got here around 3 and found this. I’ve been busy, thats why I’m just now posting.

I know when I left last night at 11pm, i cleaned and swept the entire shop before I left.

So I guess somebody just decided to run rampant in the wood shop earlier and didn’t bother cleaning up their mess.

And the jointer won’t come on. It lights up green, but nothing happens when you hit the go button.


Let me at least say a big Thank You for the effort you did put in!


This took me 15 minutes.

Just sayin…


Wow, nice clean up, thank you!

The downside to you cleaning up and not the people that actually make the mess cleaning up is that the mess makers never learn to clean up. Why should they? Someone else will clean up for them!

Once again, thanks for your thoughtfulness, I wish we had more members like you.

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I understand where you’re coming from and I can see your point.

However, I would rather continue cleaning up after myself the way I do, as I always have, and maintain my self-respect and respect to the other makers while calling out the people that are not cleaning up after themselves and are leaving messes like this instead of not cleaning, becoming part of the problem and making it worse.


Plus, there arises the issue of at a certain point you’re just punishing the other members with a dirty space. Although we definitely should absolutely find the person who did this and try and get them to be more responsible.

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IMO (and unencumbered by fact), an issue is the “just one cut” users. Most people who go in there and make a big mess understand they need to clean up. Some people who go in and make “just one cut” figure there isn’t any need for them to clean up because they haven’t made that.much mess. I’ve seen this repeatedly. Problem is … a lot of “just one cuts” add up to a pile of mess.