Clay sale @ Trinity - amazing discount

Clay Sale at Trinity Ceramics.

"August 19th-September 7th

Get 1000 pound clay pricing on all clays. This does not include grolleg porcelains, air dry clays, or paper clays.

So a bag of Trinity clay would normally cost $17.50 but during the sale it is only $8.75."

During this sale, you get the full bulk buy discount. Their normal discounts are at 50lbs, 100lbs, then 1000lbs.

Clay lasts, so fill your stock!


They do this every semester I think. It is to help the teachers who buy their clay in bulk and could really use a price break. In the past, I’ve bought lots of clay this time of year. It is really a very good deal.

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Are they open today? I tried calling but couldn’t find anything out. I work until 5 so I can’t go during the week

all signs point to yes. 9am - 12pm. you called too early :smiley:

Oopsy, I missed this discount period.
Anyone here who bought way too much and want to sell one pack? I will pay $10.

I’d be happy to sell you a bag of clay. Are you looking for white stoneware? Also, when will you be at DMS so I can bring it in?

Thank you very much Monica. Yes, I am looking for white stoneware.
I have Beginner’s Throwing 101 today at 6 pm, so I will be there around 5:30 PM.
Let me know if that timings works for you.

  • Vijay

Sorry, I was at the space this morning and won’t be back this evening. Will you happen to be in on Wednesday? I’m planning being there and can bring it in for you then.
Let me know and thanks, Monika

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