Clay and Coffee T-Shirts


I was at the ceramics committee meeting last week and someone mentioned getting t-shirts made as a potential fundraiser for the new kiln. I’m learning how to screenprint and thought I’d have some fun and design a few logos for Clay and Coffee. Let me know if there is any interest and I can print a few test designs this weekend.

I think we could put our designs on canvas tote bags and aprons too!!


@brendamvilla + @madisonworthington


I love the simplicity of the top right option in the first image!


Loveeeeeeee that black shirt!!!


omg i love these!!! thank you so much for designing logos :heart_eyes:


I’m not sure what the level of effort would be, but I may be interested in a car decal : )


That’s a great idea! I don’t know how to use the vinyl cutter (yet), but I’d be happy to pass the file to anyone who does so they can make some decals!


If that image is already a vector (or sized to the correct dimensions) the level of effort is quite low. Assuming you’re fine with the regular vinyl at the space going on your car/window


Love the tote bag. I’d get one


Interesting. I would prefer the left ones, as the 2 on the right are very subtle, and much more about coffee than clay. I really like the one on the tote bag, as all elements are clearly represented. However, I won’t be buying one as I’m broke, so take that into account when selecting what to print.


I love the 2 left ones.


Yay! I’m so glad you all like the designs! I had a lot of fun making them. If you have any suggestions, feedback or other design ideas please let me know!

I’d love to do buttons and vinyl decals, I just have to learn how first! Or maybe another maker can help us out in the meantime :slight_smile:

I’m going to do some test prints this weekend on tote bags, since that should be easy. A group t-shirt order is going to require more logistics (sizes, quantity, material, etc.), maybe we can talk about that at the next committee meeting? @brendamvilla @madisonworthington I’m putting together a spreadsheet of price research for t-shirts, totes and other goodies. I’ll try to have some printed samples ready to show.


It is a vector!


I can help :grin:


Any if those would be easy to print in house, either with white plastisol or discharge ink. We could probably even put multiple logos in one screen and just temporarily mask out the ones not being used on a particular print run.