Clay and Coffee: Spooky Edition 🎃


Are you interested in the Ceramics community at Dallas Makerspace? Come join us for our monthly Clay and Coffee on Sunday October 28th from 1pm to 3pm!

For this month’s meeting we will be chatting about mugs! So try your hand at making a mug and bring it to chat about our accomplishments and possible techniques we can improve on. Don’t feel pressured to bring a finished product, pieces can be in the works, and nonexistent pieces work just as well!

If you don’t know how to make a mug and would like to learn, keep an eye on the calendar for a mug making class!

Snacks are always welcome! Costumes are optional :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This month’s Clay and Coffee was wonderful, I had a great time talking pots with folks. Thanks for a great event!


wish I could have been there! I will try to make it this month!


Sadly we will miss this one. We are going to a clay fest! :grin:


Brenda’s made her mug for this months clay and coffee! Have you made your’s yet?


I feel like I should have been there


Looking forward to it!


I have to miss it again, I have the Chair persons HAAS class for 6 hours.