Clay and Coffee event info?

Clay and Coffee

Coming up soon. :hugs: @Team_Ceramics can we get a list of the dip glazes available? :pray:t3:

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We will have a variety of colors. I’m sure we can each find one we like.

Will they all be food safe this time?

Would be helpful if we could get the color combos so we could look them up and plan ahead.

I can call and get them if you are too busy? Lmk thanks.

@brendamvilla are there Raku glazes locked up? If so what are the stipulations to use them?

Some of the regular ceramic makers have been seen getting the locked up glazes. Can a list of these locked up glaze also be provided info with what need to be done for a maker to get access to them?

Are the dip slips for the Clay and coffee only? Or, What is needed to have access to these glazes outside of Clay and coffee?

Thank you

As with all glazes, there will be no way of knowing what they look like by themselves or layered until we test them. Hopefully it will be a nice surprise when we open the kiln!

Glazes are taken out of the locked cabinets when the bottles on the shelves are empty. I do not suspect people are using the raku glazes since we don’t even have a way to raku at the space. Those are only pulled out when we have raku events sponsored by someone with a raku kiln. When did you PERSONALLY see this? Please send info in a private message

Yea, I have seen people in the cabinet, don’t think it was for Raku glaze. It’s a moot point cause I don’t know what they were doing when they took the glazes out.

I am asking because I’m thinking about a Raku class or event. is there an inventory list of what glazes are locked up? I’m interested in knowing are they the old donate colors or has there been a purchase of Raku glazes. Can a list be provide of the inventory?

And what about my question on the dip glaze. Will that only be for Clay and Coffee?

They are taking stored glaze bottles out to replenish empty ones on the shelf

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and yes, the dip glazes are for Clay & Coffee

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Do dip glazes require addition to an Ad group? If so, is there only going to be the single sign off class? I only ever saw the 1 class last time dip was orderer and I wasn’t able to make that class time either :confused:

Great I’m putting together a group of DMS members for Raku. Will the raku glazes be available to use?

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I would love to do a Raku class!! :slight_smile:

Great! Please send me an IM with your contact info, there are still a couple spaces open. I’ll send you details as they are completed. I’m still in the planning stages. I believe this will be more of an event of 7 - 10 DMS members not a class. No worries if you have never done raku , I will be happy to get you up to speed. Im thinking of tying it in with the pot palls monthly group meeting in July.