ClausingColchester self study with quiz pass material


Since the machine shop committee has affirmed interest in beta testing a model of bifurcating training that is required for equipment usage into a two part process with the first part being self study with a quiz that must be passed to register for the second part of the required training, which is conducted at machine side; I am posting what I have developed for the ClausingColchester lathe class and quiz for review and comment.

At: Committees Drive:/machineshop/training/ClausingColchester/ClausingColchester101 2018 with quiz

This is a process in development and may evolve into something quite different than what is shown here, but one has to start somewhere.

Haas cert class?

I just want to thank you for using that word.
I hope I get to participate in the subject of this thread. :+1:


I have watched the MIT Lathe videos and carefully recorded my answers to the self study quiz but I am stumped on where to find the ClausingColchester Quizpass AD. And I’m not even sure what that is but guessing AD means active directory. It would helpful to have a link to register in the training material,,%20with%20quiz.pdf

Second question is where to find out what classes I have taken so far.


I’m not the right guy for the first bit of your post, and that will need to be @BobKarnaugh and/or @nicksilva and/or @TBJK.

But I think I can answer the second part, although I am not certain of your intention, so I’ll provide 2 answers that are my best guesses at what you want to know:

  1. you can browse to, sign in (click on ‘DMS Login’, enter your dms.local domain account username and password). Click on ‘my account’ and then ‘attending events’ where all the classes you have signed up for will be listed.
  2. you want to know which “certifications” you hold, which are generally tracked by Active Directory group memberships. The easiest way to check this is using the Jump Server and checking Active Directory Users and Groups for your username, but if that is all like a foreign language to you, the easiest way to check group memberships is to use one of the RFID badge scanners in the Common Room. Stan is the most helpful with those as he set them up, but they’re really fairly self-explanatory: find sign advising of their location, scan badge, observe group membership.


Certifications is what I am looking for.

This JumpServer FAQ

Says login to

But google warns me that is not a secure connection so I haven’t gotten past that screen, should I?


Bob has to basically setup a class every month for the self study portion. He gives instructions in that portion on how to get your name on the AD for the practical portion. I don’t think we presently have anyone else attempting to teach that portion.


No, but not because Google issues that warning.
That URL should be used to connect using RDP, not as a website.


I was able to login using remote desktop, i still got a warning that the certificate was invalid, is that normal? I didn’t try running anything but saw the shortcuts to software like solidworks.

I’m new to using remote desktop, can i save files on the remote machine or do i save them on my local machine.

Is there a class on using the jump drive or tutorial, if so what is it called?



Most of what is available, is the FAQ link you posted earlier:

Yes. Because it’s using a non CA certificate the root verifier is not “known” by default to clients.

You may save things remotely, but should not.

  1. this storage is temporary, and will certainly be deleted if your profile is not used for bit of time (exactly how long depends on several factors)
  2. “permanent” storage is provided on the \\files server. See the link which will in turn point to this link, the section of which most interesting is likely
  3. other reasons I’m forgetting presently…



Currently getting your name on the QuizPass AD is not automated as we are beta testing this method of delivering education. What you have to do now is send me the password via: [email protected]. If it is correct then I tell Stan Simmons to add your name to that AD and that makes it possible for you to register for a machine side class as they are scheduled, probably late Nov or early Dec. If it is wrong, I invite you to review the material and resubmit it.

Note: If one day you are taking another class being conducted in this matter with a different instructor, you will have to send your password to some destination other than my email.