Clausing-Colchester Lathe Class Part 1


Hi, to register for part 2 it says a self study course for part 1 needs to be completed. i don’t see part 1 anywhere on the schedule?

i would love to attend the class on sunday for Part II, please help.



Here is the self study portion for the lathe class.


heh, i was search for lathe and it wouldn’t pop up sorry thank you


thanks so much, i just submitted the quiz results to Bob.


The quiz implies (heavily) that we can interact with some piece of software with the answers.

Is that the case or do I need to submit my answers to Bob directly?




Some day one will enter the password into a dialog box and get the AD posting automatically, if the password matches; but, for now email me with the password. I will have Stan post your name to the AD for Clausing lathe QuizPass when you have emailed the correct password.




Ah, thanks for the reply.

I couldn’t find your e-mail address, sent you a message through this website.