Clausing-Colchester Lathe Class Part 1

Hi, to register for part 2 it says a self study course for part 1 needs to be completed. i don’t see part 1 anywhere on the schedule?

i would love to attend the class on sunday for Part II, please help.


Here is the self study portion for the lathe class.

heh, i was search for lathe and it wouldn’t pop up sorry thank you

thanks so much, i just submitted the quiz results to Bob.

The quiz implies (heavily) that we can interact with some piece of software with the answers.

Is that the case or do I need to submit my answers to Bob directly?



Some day one will enter the password into a dialog box and get the AD posting automatically, if the password matches; but, for now email me with the password. I will have Stan post your name to the AD for Clausing lathe QuizPass when you have emailed the correct password.



Ah, thanks for the reply.

I couldn’t find your e-mail address, sent you a message through this website.


Bob, just emailed you since that seems to still be the way to get on the QuizPass AD? Thanks and look forward to doing part 2.


You are 100% on that password. I will ask Stan to enter your name into the Lathe Quizpass AD so that you can register for a machine side class when one is scheduled, hopefully soon.



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so confusing as im patrick, but so is pmulry lol

Bob or @Team_Machine_Shop, any idea when we can get a Clausing-Colchester class on the schedule? I’m pretty flexible, but I’m in the middle of a project that’s going to need some lathing in the next month or two. Thanks.

Classes have been scheduled for

Sat May 4


Wed May 8.

They will be appearing on the calendar around 8PM Saturday night.


I just scheduled two lathe classes for the 4th and the 8th. They should appear on the events calendar in a day or two. Still, have to have Stan load your name to the QuizPass AD also.



Thanks Bob! I will look for them.

I just sent you my quiz through this website. Please let me know if you received it. Thanks.