Classes gone live

The Tormach lathe and HAAS mill class have gone live and are filling fast for the dates in May and June. The Mastercam class should go live tomorrow (Friday) sometime.


MasterCam Intro is May 28
Tormach Lathe is June 11.
Haas is June 25.

I apologize that they are farther out than I’d like, but since they are 4-6 hours, it’s tuff to find
a classroom with big screens that I can grab for that long.

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Tormach class is already full, any idea when you will do another session on that?

not until sometime after the HAAS class - so July.

Nick, thanks for setting these up. The HAAS class is configured to charge $55 on registration and also says $55 payable to teacher before class starts. Are we supposed to pay the $55 on registration or on the day of the class?

I don’t know what Nick intended, but you can’t sign up without paying the $55 fee to the calendar system.

The intent is to pay the teacher. Otherwise it goes to DMS. I ‘thought’ it was set to free with the note to pay at class time. The only other option was eventbright which I don’t like.

So do we pay the $55 or not? I think not. The listing needs to be revised

well Sh*t. it is marked as a paid class. which means all the money goes to DMS.
It is not something that can be edited. The only choice “I” have is to cancel it (so that people
can get a refund) and then repost it as free so that people can pay on the way in. PIA to everyone.

I hate it when things don’t work and then your rushing to get it posted and something like this
happens. I’ll give it some thought and figure something out for tomorrow. In the meantime I will not be approving any more students, so don’t pay thru the calendar. there is more than a month to resone this.

If each of us cancels as soon as the class if full … wouldn’t we get a refund that way? Then we could just pay you when we show up.

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Is there a cost to the MasterCam class? I didn’t find one mentioned in the description.

No cost on that class

Admin might be able to address this. Reach out to @skyspook.

Thank you to Freddie who has resolved it. I’m sending an email to the 5 who had already paid. They are getting a refund and are already approved. cheers!

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