Classes for the Thor Leather Sewing Machine


I just posted that one today, so wait until the 19th at around 7 PM to register


Wildfire around this machine!
I love the enthusiasm!


I guess this means we’ll have to get a 2nd one sooner than we thought. :wink:


I think after December we are going to look at where we can go on a CA financial diet for a bit. Take a couple of months and plan for the future while building back reserves. Mind you we will still spend and buy, but we have been living pretty richly lately (which I love and I don’t mind we are smart with our money so I’m not complaining at all). Mind you this isn’t my decision to make - it’s a we decision but that’s what I’m going to present to the group.

Swimsuit and party season (aka expansion) is right around the corner so I think it’s necessary to be wise in the next few months (which we have been but I just think we can be more mindful) so we can really invest in the future of our area. Hit me up another day and I’ll be all “smoke 'em if you got 'em” but as of this minute (probably because I’m knee-deep in organizing CA paperwork) that’s what I’m feeling.


I’m signed up.


Yeah, if teachers give you the link before it hits the calendar, it shows closed. There’s also a brief time once it hits the calendar that it will still show closed.


ugh sorry …after registering for the Chair class I had to cancel as there was a class at the same time, for my dept that I really need to take . But I am REALLY interested in this! Do you mind if I pop in for a minute to see?


We have one spot open for the sewing 201 class tonight!


Classes for next week are posted on calendar and are waiting approval - I submitted them last night at 10 PM or so, so they should be live Friday night at 10 PM.

This is the instructor class - if you want to teach on this wonderful machine and help more people get qualified to use it, sign up below!

Regular Sewing 201 classes


We had a great class last night! Everyone that showed up earned their qualification, got to do some sewing on leather, and we got to see a really cool old sewing machine with a cam adjustment system to change the stitch type!

I neglected to get a picture of everyone’s work, but I did sew a double ply belt. @Webdevel and @Lordrook can y’all cut and glue my leather stuff for me, I can’t keep my holes straight :joy: