Classes for the Thor Leather Sewing Machine


We have what we think is a purchase date for the Thor GA441 Cylinder Arm Leather Sewing Machine, and as such I have put in for classes on the 27th, 28th, and 29th of this month to get certified to use the machine, more classes to follow, as well as an instructor course.





Currently says registration is closed.


Probably awaiting the 72 hour clearance period before they “go live”.


Ah! Okie Doki!


that rocks. I’ll be attending.


(glares at my watch waiting for my chance)


It’s up!! parade sounds


The class on the night of the 27th is up!



I have created a class specifically for you


I will be out of town then so I will have to wait under another st


In the creative arts study lobby … do u want me to change the location?


Another class is going on in the CA studio so it wont let me switch to it


Perhaps a different time then?


shame I’m out of town for a couple weeks.

Have fun y’all


Ill be watching for it to open up.


That’s awesome I’ll definitely attend


Ugh, I missed it, shows closed


The one on the 27th is still open (2 slots), the others haven’t been approved yet


No, as @matthshooter says, it is still pending. It opens on 11/18/18 6:56 PM


For the chair class?