Classes for machine shop


I want to take a safety class and get authorized to use the equipment in the machine shop, are there any classes coming up.




Machining safety is easy - don’t stick your fingers anywhere you wouldn’t put your @*#€

Seriously though, the safety portion is inclusive of the machine class. Cheers


There is a spot on the Sherline lathe class tonight.


FOR YOU @nicksilva!


Yeah safety is a no brainer, I’ve used almost all the machines working in the automotive industry. But just didn’t know if I need to get signed off to be able to use them.


The short answer is yes but you don’t necessarily have to take a class. You can also get with the teacher and strut your stuff. If the teacher agrees you know what you’re doing he can sign you off. This will be important later as we rfid the machines.


I was intent on signing up for the Sherline class, but it fell on one of the only nights that I had prior plans and can’t attend. I don’t mean to be demanding as a student, but are there any plans to have the class again sometime in the near future? Given that the roster is full, it would appear that there’s good demand for it.


I have another one planned on Wednesday 2 weeks from today. March 6 I believe. It should come on the calendar in a day or 2.


Thanks! I’ll be watching the calendar.


Nick Silva,

Who is the teacher for welding and/or machine shop? How do I reach him/her?

Thank you

  • Adam


Welding is metal shop.
For machine shop start with Bob karnaugh on the lathe and David Kessinger for the mill


Thank you for the clarification. Who is the contact for welding/metal shop?


@hon1nbo Jim is the chair, @TBJK Tim the vice chair.
Metals shop category: #metal-shop


thank you.