Classes at the Makerspace

I am getting frequent inquiries from students that would like me to teach my woodcarving class at the Makerspace. If we keep students at least 6 feet apart and wear masks, is it okay to hold a class in one of the classrooms (preferably the Interactive Classroom)?


I dont’ see any reason why you couldn’t so long as you were following the mask wearing and distancing rules in place right now.


I’ve already held a couple of lecture-type classes in Interactive. I say go for it!

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Hey totally new here, but I have recently signed up for woodshop safety and this would also be very interesting to learn as some of the art I’m wanting to create requires carving techniques that I am not super familiar with. Looking forward to seeing something posted for this on the Events page!

I am not in a position with any official opinion … but I believe one of the issues was sanitizing the commonly used areas like classrooms. In addition to what people have said above, I suggest you consider having all your students wipe down their tables with sanitizing wipes before they begin and after they finish.

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