[CLASS] Save $$. Make Screens from Scratch, Sat 02/16/19 noon


REGISTRATION at https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/9337


You make nice announcements. I like the way you put [CLASS] as the beginning of the header - it makes it much easier for people to spot it. Thanks for doing these.


Thank you for the encouragement, Chris! I’m glad they are useful. [CLASS] also helps people ignore the spam if they think I’m posting too many of these. They can opt to not click.

Am trying to build up slides for as many recurring classes as possible, a few each month.
In addition to posting here…
They get put up on the monitors throughout the Space.
Some get crossposted on the committee FB groups where they seem to fit.

Current inventory:

  • Automotive Lift Class
  • Blacksmithing anything
  • Board Gaming SIG anything
  • Ceramics Basics
  • Ceramics Basics of Glazing
  • Ceramics Mastering the Potter’s Wheel 2.0
  • Creative Arts Let’s Get Measured (sewing patterns)
  • Digital Media Photography Basics
  • Digital Media HTC Vive
  • Electronics Arduino
  • Electronics Raspberry Pi
  • Glassworks Microwave Fusing 2.0
  • Jewelry/Small Metals Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Jewelry/Small Metals Commercial Steamer
  • Laser 107 Optics Cleaning
  • Laser 203 Living Hinges
  • Laser 204 Holiday Ornaments
  • Printmaking Relief Printing
  • Printmaking Lasered Wood Block Printing
  • Printmaking Screen Printing Basics
  • Printmaking Exposing Screens
  • Printmaking Making Screens from Scratch
  • Printmaking Print-a-Thon
  • Printmaking Editioning Prints
  • Printmaking/CA Sketchbook Studies
  • Science Make Soap
  • Science Frame a Butterfly


Wow! You’ve been busy. Thanks for doing all of these!


Not so busy. I’ve been making a few each month since June.
They were quick “makes” while chairing Laser, when I didn’t have spare time for my own projects.
Scratched that maker itch and helped the Space. Win-win!