CLASS IS ON! -- Notice for those taking the TIG welding class on 09 March 2019


As of right now the TIG welder is still out for repair and it is unknown if it will be ready to use for the class on Saturday. If the welder is not back at DMS by 7:00 pm on Friday, 08 March then I’ll be canceling the class. I’m doing this so you will not be planning your Saturday around a class that will most likely not have the key piece of equipment available.

Just so people are aware the issues with the TIG welder being repaired have nothing to do with DMS or Metro welding supply. Here is a link to the post that has been covering the repairs to the TIG welder, For those of you who do not want to go through it here is a quick summary.

A board went out, the TIG was taken to Metro for repairs
A new board was ordered but there was a shortage on Lincoln Electric’s side
New board arrives and is installed
The solenoid died so a new one is ordered
The new solenoid was suppose to arrive today but didn’t show up.

Right now we are waiting for the solenoid to arrive and tested.

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I want to get approval to use the old transformer-based TIG welder (Miller Syncrowave 250). I’m sure I can set it up and start getting some practice, if some instructor is willing. I didn’t sign up for your class because it filled up before I got the hot processed training.



If you’ve already taken the class with the Lincoln TIG, then I can just spot train you on it next time I’m up at DMS. If not, take the class with me and I’ll make sure you understand how to use both.



Not trained on any of them, and since the Lincoln seems to be down perennially, I was hoping to get checked out on the Syncrowave. I have familiarized myself with its controls. I have stick and oxy/acetylene welding experience, and experience with brazing and related processes.



The TIG welder is back at DMS so the class is still on for tomorrow.

I’ll be doing a test weld on it tomorrow morning and making sure it is good for the class. If for some reason there is a problem with it I’ll contact everyone in the class about it.



The TIG welder is working just fine so the class will still be at noon today.