Class fee payment options?

How are class fees to be paid? Will they be automatically withdrawn like my membership fees are, or do I need to be prepared to make payment at time of class? (In the latter case, what forms of payment are acceptable?) Is there an option to pay in advance online?

Much depends on how the instructor has it set up, and they should tell you in the body of the class information. If you’re paying DMS, then you’ll pay when you sign up for the class, so you’ll need your card. If you’re paying the instructor, there will be instructions on how they will take payment.

For instance, in my Microwave Glass Fusing class, I ask the students to bring $1-2 dollars to pay for glass. They can also pay on the Square that we’ve got in the Glass area. They’re paying DMS, but it’s a variable amount, so I don’t set it up in the class.

Some instructors are getting paid through Eventbrite. That would send you to the Eventbrite link, where you would pay with whatever methods EventBrite accepts.


When I’ve taken or taught a class, payment might also be paid to the instructor via an apps like CashApp, Zelle, or Venmo. It all depends on what each individual instructor has set up for their class.

Hope this helps.