Class confirmation

I signed up for all 3 Fashion Design classes before they filled up and have not received confirmation email. Would someone let me know that I am confirmed since I see now the classes are full? I live in Royse City would do not want to drive that far only to find out I cannot attend!
MaryHelen Craig [email protected]

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Paging @Aneres

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You’re confirmed for all three classes, see you Sunday.


Thank you Serena!

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Thank you!

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Re no email confirmation

Yeah, that part of the system is something that has worked inconsistently and they’re working on.

So if you’re ever in doubt, just do what you did this time to double check (the teacher can see registered folks, as well as admins)


If you are logged in you can also see the confirmed class under attending

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It doesn’t appear that MaryHelen is a DMS member yet. So “logging in” is likely not an option.

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It’s been so long since I joined that I can not remember if I had a profile option or not before then. I figured if she was not missing her dot at least it could help down the line. We will make her one of us soon (insert maniacal laughter)