Clarification Question on Adobe Software on DMS computers

Is there a creative cloud login for DMS computers or do you need to use your own?

@Team_Infrastructure should be able to answer this. or @Team_Digital_Media

DMS has a finite number of CC licenses. There is not a generic DMS sign-in. You have to be physically on the premises and you need a personal CC sign in to use one of those licenses. However, your sign in does not need to have a subscription attached to it.

IMO, if you have a personal CC subscription, it’s worth having two CC sign-ins - one just for DMS.

For example, I have a Creative Cloud account/subscription license. I do not use it when I’m at DMS. I have a second CC account (different email address) and that one has no subscription/license with it. I use the second account to sign into Creative Cloud when I’m physically at DMS.

I don’t remember how I got the second account that has no subscription.

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You shouldn’t need a specific log in to the cloud to use the Adobe suite on DMS computers. You may log in with your dms email (I believe select company account, then use [email protected]). I think all that gets you is settings sync and maybe a small amount of storage.

Adobe has messed up that link in the past, so let us know if you encounter any issues.

If you have your own subscription, you can also log in with that to access your own adobe assets.


So I tried that and it took me to a separate login page for DMS but after signing in that way I believe it said it was expired. I know we had a thing going for at home use that expired a while back but this was on a DMS computer.

I’ll see if I can set up an account that way when I go tomorrow. I’m working on getting some Adobe classes up and want to make sure I have the correct info to give for using Adobe software at the DMS lol.

Do you remember which one? I can take a look later. Still shouldn’t need to sign in as the licenses are tied to the machines.

Second from the left across from the cubby shelves I think.

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The same thing Charlie reports happens to me on the laser computers also.


by chance @John_Marlow and @charlielong did you take advantage of the DMS licenses previously during the pandemic shutdown?

It’s possible we just have a broken link again (Adobe is weird on SSO linking for orgs like us), but I’m also curious if it’s an edge case because it sees you had a license on the user account previously.

If all else fails do you get an error if you make a free adobe account and use that? If you don’t want to make another email, you can use the + method in our DMS emails to register another account.

example: [email protected]

This sends all emails to [email protected] but adds a label in the inbox saying what alias it came from. Great for filtering out spam / vendor emails or having multiple accounts on a service. Works with any Gmail address personal or business.

I don’t think I took advantage of it. I will try again today and try with a fresh email/account and see if I get success.

Yes. And FWIW, I’ve been seeing this error since long before the pandemic shutdown too.

Yes, this is exactly what I’ve done.

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Okay so using an account unaffiliated with my DMS email did work. Made a new account to test since my other Adobe account is a paid one.

Thank you! I guess something weird is going on with the DMS email. Probably from the expired at home thing. Although I didn’t use it, maybe it was still attached to my email.

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Possible; it did auto-assign all eligible users a seat at the time, and it’s possible they didn’t strip it off automagically. We can contact support about it to remove them