Clam Shell Zipper Pouch / Field Notes Cover templates added to the wiki


I’ve added two templates to the Leather-working wiki page.

Field Notes Cover

Clam Shell Zipper Pouch



Oh my gosh, that zipper pouch is so cute! I know what my daughter is getting for Christmas 2019…

(I hope “cute” isn’t an insult to your project.)


Ha, not I sulted at all! It is pretty cute. I have a special version I’m making that will make it even cuter I think. Stay tuned!


I bet you could increase the width of the clam shell pouch and have a nice Glasses case as well.
Thanks for sharing.


Definitely, but I’d opt for a more rigid veg tan leather so it has more crush resistance.


Yeah, you could also water shape it on a mold after sewing. That way it get really hard once dried.


That reminds me that I have a paper template for a sunglasses case that I need to digitize. It uses a snap to close though, not a zipper.