City of Carrollton Parks and Recreation department looking for teachers

Our friends at the city have asked us to spread the word about their programs. They have been trying to rebuild their arts programs since Covid and are in need of teachers. They are looking for people to teach some basic classes as well as to propose new and interesting classes.

They have two options, one is to be an employee of the city, and the other is to be a contractor.
Class proposal form:
Program Proposal Form - City of Carrollton.pdf (152.3 KB)
Employee instructor:
Employee Instructor Information Packet.pdf (213.4 KB)
Independent contractor:
Independent Contract Instructor Information Packet.pdf (242.2 KB)


I’d be interested in considering as a contractor in fine arts (drawing, calligraphy and watercolor). It would just have to be weekends or after work hours, If they’re open to that.

I’ll take a look at the details tonight.

Thanks for the info!


I think they are pretty flexible. I’ll find a point of contact for questions and post it here

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For anyone ready to apply you can use this link

If you have any questions you can reach out to Jace Earwood at [email protected]

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