Cisco/Fortinet Routers $20

Anyone after certifications or want to learn routers?
Have 2 Cisco routers and 1 Fortinet. Message for more info and pics. $20 each (obo)

The Computer Committee might be able to use those for their networking lab

Advice on who(m) should I @ ?

@Team_Hackerspace @Team_VCC @Team_Computers one of those should work.

@team_Hackerspace @Team_VCC @team_computers

Anyone interested in these routers?

let’s try @Hackerspace @Team_Civic_Hacking
(“Groups” under the hamburger menu will show nearly all the available groups; those beginning with “team_” are usually the “teams” in this sense, though not all of them do, e.g. hackerspace and wood turning sig)
I don’t think those others are good…

Great thanks! Free! Would rather them be in use vs tossing them.

The computer committee could use routers. Is there a time we could meet at the space?

If not, she can drop them off at my house in Highland Village and I can ferry them down.

The computer committee does not exist as of last night.

The members of the former computer committee will be looking for ways to teach networking classes potentially through other committees.