Circle gadget for vCarve

Is it possible we could download a gadget for Vcarve called circle resize?

It would help a ton for me In making my work benches. I don’t believe there’s any cost for these gadgets.

I tried to resize the holes in Vcarve, but there is no function to do multiples.

I don’t know if this is right forum to make this request, but I thought I would give it a shot.
Any help would be appreciated

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I think this would be a team infrastructure request? Probably need approval from multicam SiG?


I’ll leave it to the MultiCAM Sig with your approval Ian.


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Only active people would be me and Chris? As long as it works I don’t see why not.

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Add me.

Perhaps @mdredmond and Britton?

If a SIG re-forms I’m in.

I’m interested in knowing more about the problem the OP has, though, just out of curiosity. I don’t know how many circles we’re talking about and whether the resulting circles need to be the same size (as each other), but the easiest way to “resize” a bunch of circles in VCarve isn’t to resize them at all:

Select the circle tool and enter the size for the new circle you want. Then use the mouse to hover near the center of each existing (wrong size) circle and you’ll see the cursor change to indicate that you’re on the center of that circle (a small square will also appear at the center of the circle). Click and you’ll place a new circle with the new size concentric to the existing one. Then simply delete the old circles.

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I simply don’t know much about how Gadgets work for VCarve. Does it require configuration, or do you just need an admin to run the program or drop a file somewhere? Got a link for it so I can evaluate it?


Thank you gentlemen for your input. I’m guessing I have approximately 400 holes to resize.

I’m one of the least text savvy members of MakerSpace, I was hoping it was just a matter of the administrator downloading the gadget into vCarve. It already has several gadgets, was hoping to add this last one.

Is this the gadget you want to have downloaded and installed?

If so @hon1nbo There is a very short video tutorial here on how to install it.

I don’t know all the intricacies of V carve but would it possible be easier to export to autocad dwg or dxf? This is just a couple of keystrokes in Autocad. If you need help I would be willing.

The holes in the workbench are very exact both in diameter, and spacing in between. I really have to kind of play with it every time I run the program, as each bit can cut a slightly different diameter hole.

I need to cut the first hole, check it with a 20 mm bench dog (My last test put the whole size at .80) then adjust the size accordingly if need be.

My thought was, rather than importing and exporting into different programs, or resizing each hole (approximately 400 holes), The resize gadget would be simple, enter the parameters and it automatically changes all the holes.

Again, I’m not really savvy as to how much work is involved in installing this gadget, it may be more difficult than I expected.

Collinrh, I believe you’re correct, that is the proper download. I believe that is the proper gadget version as the current vCarve version.

How “slightly” are we talking about here? This really should not be the case in any appreciable manner if you generate the tool path with the endmill size you’re going to use and you have the circles setup as holes (cutting inside the circles as opposed to on the circle or outside the circle for cutting round shapes instead of holes). The only way this would matter is if the endmills are worn down to the point of not being their original cutting diameter, and if you need that kind of accuracy, maybe it’s worth buying a personal endmill and using it?

It also might make sense to chamfer the hole so your bench dog slides in more consistently?

Well, we can talk in theory here, but I’m talking in actual practice. I’ve cut the holes to what should be the proper size, but the bench dogs don’t fit.

I use UJK super dogs, And they have two rubber O-rings in the bottom that tighten to secure the bench dog. They require a precise fit, which shouldn’t be a problem with a CNC machine. I am finding that I need to fine-tune the fit nonetheless.

Installing VCarve gadgets is trivial. I would be happy to work with someone on the @Team_Infrastructure or @hon1nbo to get this installed for Kevin. Installation is two steps. Download the gadget and then from VCarve, use the Gadgets menu option “Install New Gadget”. At most, 5 minutes work. Let me know how I can help.



Sounds simple enough. If an install fails or something similar, does VCarve have any issues or will it simply not load the gadget? I’ll find some time to do it when no one is on the machine.


I have never had an install fail. But, if it it did, my guess is that the gadget would just not be available. VCarve should be fine. Let me know if I can help in any way. Thanks Jim!


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Alright. I should be able to get to this in the next couple days. Just because we don’t know what it does if it fails, I’m going to time it with a snapshot so we can roll back if it breaks vcarve for whatever reason though I doubt that will happen.

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That sounds great guys, thank you so much for your help, I truly appreciate it!

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Thanks Jim.