Chemical Composition of Old Deck Wood?

Do we have the equipment to do a chemical composition analysis of old pressure treated wood? Assuming we do, would someone be willing to help me test a wood sample? Willing to trade/pay for the help as it would be more fun to learn how to do the testing than a send away kit or home kit.

Reason why, I am replacing my deck of unknown age and would like to reuse the 2x6s for a raised vegetable garden. But I don’t know if the wood was treated with an arsenic like CCA or ACZA, or whatever else is in it for that matter.

I would prefer the old arsenic style wood. It doesnt have the issues that the new stuff has. Mainly things don’t eat it!

If it really is old, then it’s almost sure to be CCA which stands for chrome copper and arsenic. I wouldn’t have a second thought about using that in the vegetable garden the way that particular treatment works. The arsenic is in the wood to kill bugs, the copper is in the wood to kill fungus and the chrome is there to make sure the other two stay in the wood. Leaching into your garden area and affecting your vegetables is not something you should have to worry about.

From what I can tell it is probably right around the switch in '03 to MCA. The top was weathered to hell when I bought the house 5 years ago but the underside don’t look bad, just dry.