Checking on drum sander

Just wondering if the drum sander is running yet. If not, when can we expect it back?

Not yet. Hopefully very soon.

Is it still down?

Yes it is… parts ordered from powermatic… ETA 4 to 6 weeks… parts ordered 2 weeks ago…


The most dreaded phrase in repairing machines “parts ordered from powermatic” hands down the longest fulfillment period of any company I’ve ever dealt with first hand or witnessed but glad to hear it should be up and running in the next couple weeks or so!

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Dude powermatic is horrible

Like the only scenario I can imagine is they’ve not only outsourced production they’ve outsourced their entire parts warehouses and inventory which I get it you don’t wanna have a huge warehouse here and there but at least have one with common parts within the us

It’s also likely there is no US stock maintained. Parts inventory has a carrying cost, and it’s significant. It’s cheaper and easier for them if they just fold it into production orders, even if the unit is no longer in production.

A lot of these sorts of parts distribution systems evolved when repair parts distribution was more layered and there were local distributors who stocked parts. Long leadtimes were less of an issue when local distributor was the stock buffer. Most of these companies undercut the local distributors and let them die on the vine. They had to keep cost competitive with increasingly cheap imports or die themselves. Turns out they’ve mostly just become the cheap imports.

Don’t get me started on the effect of overbroad application of ITAR on US distribution. I’m told it’s why most National Instruments stock is offshore in Costa Rica and Ireland.

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Yeah I just imagine they have whoever they contract production out to make a run of x number of parts and then stack them high in a warehouse down the street in China! Old school.powermaric I could see making replacements to order but now a days I feel it’s make em cheap make em fast make only x number and then when they’re out oh well too bad

Still waiting on parts?

We got the boards in… on Tuesday this past week. I installed the circuit boards.

I was running test and found one of the logic boards is bad defective, out to the box… the smart sand, logic isn’t displayed on the display board:, which means there is no visual display of load being applied to the materal/machine.

a replacement has been ordered:. We are looking at mid June for the replacement…


Three day old listing in Arlington
Great price. Dependable workhorse. Current model. Parts available.

NO CIRCUIT BOARDS. Overload it and it shuts down. Who could ask for anything more??