Checking intrest wood resin rings!

hi I’m not sure if it would go here or wood working but I’m wanting to see if anyone would be interested in doing a class for wood and resin rings I’ve had sum success so just putting it out there to see if anyone else would want to do it


I bet you quite a few folks would enjoy that as a class. Please show off some of your work!

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I agree, I am very visual so seeing a picture is easier for me to make a decision.

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ill post a pic when I get home didn’t think ahead and posted this with out the pictures lol

these are not made by me but these are two options we could do


Man, seeing all those micro bubbles makes me wish those makers knew about pressure pots!


okay then ill wait until I get practice with those because I thought those where normal :joy::rofl:

They are if you don’t have a pressure pot, which isn’t a light investment for a resin minded turner (I think my setup was $300). fortunately we do have a vacuum chamber and a couple of pressure pots at the space which make those castings bubble free. Remind me Friday night and ill run you through the basics for the pressure pot and get you signed off. We don’t actually use it for the potion bottle class, but I should have time.


thanks then ill do some more testing on the rings before a class actually goes up

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I’m a fan of resin bangles with fantastic stuff in them. My big ol man hands can never get into them when I see them. I guess I just need to make a mold for my big proportions.


images dee319c14c59f2ac995ec2f291764dd9 images


i like the little blue donut looking one in the first pic. I would be down for that. I can wait until after some bubble reduction RnD though.

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I also like that one if I do this it will most like be that kind of class

I am sooooo in for this, teach me, lead me.

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they’re not bubbles - they’re sparkles :sparkler:

Nice projects!


Very cool!

I would love to do those rings, even with bubbles <3


I can’t say yes loud enough! I saw you in our resin potion bottle class getting a quick rundown of the pressure pot. I’m going to watch the calendar extremely closely so I don’t miss this class.

I have always wanted to learn how to make these! I’m super duper in! :smile:

These are all fabulous!

I would in for a bracelet class like the examples shared below, or a large pendant class with stuff embedded in it. The micro bubbles don’t bother me. Maybe BITTY has a low tech cheap way or info on how to reduce or get rid of them.