Checking interest in donating a leather sewing machine

This is a hand crank leather sewing machine. Much harder to hurt yourself / break it so it’d be a great item to let people use with minimal training. Amazon recently got flooded with them when a couple Chinese shoe factories offloaded their inventory.

I bought it a year ago and I’ve had a hard time motivating myself to setting it up but if I leave it in the leather area maybe someone a bit more handy can follow the youtube instructions to make a wood base + set it up.

And /or if i leave it there I’ll be way more likely to set up the wood base etc since the amount of effort to haul this hunk of iron would be greatly reduced.


Hmmm… (and some characters)

That looks like a fun machine to watch, I’ll make a base for it.

I’ve looked at them and would like to set that up.Try before buy…

There’s some interest, so yes.

alright thank you guys! I will respond once i’ve made a drop off.


alright, after 3 weeks of back to back covid scares I dropped off the thing, its right next to the Thor and clearly labelled. Needs to have a wood base made for it. instructions can be found in the youtube video posted in OP. Otherwise it should work with minimal setup.


This is great. I hope someone can get it mounted for setup.

I’ll stop in today, 6pm ish and see what I can do.

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I think i’ll like, intend to loan it for like a couple years? If it takes off I’ll consider donating it permanently.

it seems the ideal set up is to build a wood support for it with a cutaway for the wheel and then set it on a cheap sturdy table.

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If we’re here at the same time, we can chat. @JohnK (who almost never reads Talk) has started a table that he’s planning on bolting the machine to. If it needs a cut-out, the top board is sturdy enough to do that. Right now it’s a tripod because he didn’t have enough wood hanging around for the 4th leg, plus we were talking about some additional bracing, just for more strength.


you’re typically there on my schedule, i’ll say hi next time we can chit chat a bit more than usual!

i might be due in there tonight, not 100 percent just yet :slight_smile:

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