Check engine light

Does the space have a obd scanner to see why my check engine light is on? Auto zone says they think my O2 sensor is bad but cant tell me which one. Upstream, downstream, left, or right.

We used to have a decent basic code reader, however it’s been some time since I last used it.

@Team_Automotive care to confirm?

There’s a scanner somewhere in the green toolbox. It’ll at least read the code out.

I’ll be up there tonight and keep one in my car.

I’ll add that if all the O2 sensors are over 50K old, I would probably try to change them all. The response rate will probably be slow on all of them. The only extra concern, is that on the downstream sensors, the code might actually indicate a bad primary catylitic converter. But I would still likely change the O2 sensors first.

Still have it, orange in colour in in the green tool cabinet (when not in use in Alan Wan’s helpful hands).

This is a very basic code reader…

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in the electronics drawer, something like the third from the bottom of the Green toolbox…

Most of the auto parts stores will also read your codes for you for free. Our tool, as well as the freebie scans give the basic codes but may not decode all the manufacture specific codes and both can led you on wild goose chases, so use with a ‘grain of salt’…

Thanks for the help. Ill be there tomorrow doing 3d printer training. Once i can get trained on the lift so i can operate it then i can fix whatever is wrong. Sensors are between 100 and 200 each so definitely trying to narrow it down.