Cheap source of plexiglass


I have 2 posters (24" x 36") that I need to make picture frames for.

Does anyone know where I can get cheap clear plexiglass or clear acrylic sheets?


There is a stack of clear plex in the 102 warehouse that I think may be available for the taking. It has some holes in it, but I think the usable area might meet your need.

Check with @keoliver

If you can tolerate very thin plexiglass, you can buy 24" x 36" poster frames at Walmart for about $10 each and use just the plastic.

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I didn’t know they make frames this big, so I thought I had to make it myself.

I think I am just going to buy from Walmart.



I don’t think the donated plexi is going to work for you. It may not be that large, is very think, and has holes in it on two corners.

I talked myself out of doing the project.

Thanks again for everyone’s input on this.

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Are those sheets available to members? I thought they were supposed to go to committees.

We have quite a bit and are slated to receive more and I’d say there is no harm in asking!