Cheap computer router?

If I’m buying a cheap router, would Walmart be acceptable??

There a couple of new 1/4" Ryobi routers in the annex.

What size? Or what are you cutting?

Computer routers – sorry.


Walmart price is probably same as Amazon.

Microcenter is also an option.


Microcenter will have a better selection for sure.

I picked up a router recently from BestBuy. Not a big fan of them usually but that had a pretty good deal on one I got a month ago or so. I go to Best Buy about once every 3-5 years.

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How cheap? I have an old 4 port netgear wireless (N I think) that you can have if it would suite your needs


That will probably be fine! We’ll be back in town Monday.

Great! Do you have a box? I’ll reset it to factory and should be able to drop it off Tuesday evening

Yes, I do! Many thanks!