Changing the Electrical Plug on a Heat Press

I need to change my plug on my heat press because I noticed it was getting hot and fortunately it blew the fuse. How can I change the plug and what will be best to use

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Changing the plug for a higher capacity than what it has currently is not wise, as if the plug is spec’d for say 15 Amps, and the wire on the input is overheating / blowing a 15Amp breaker, you need to find out why it’s doing that first.

I’d start by looking for shorted connections, and if you can’t find something obvious then measure what current it is drawing versus what it is supposed to draw. From there you can try and determine if the draw is happening immediately (a short located in the controller, wiring harness, or similar), or if it’s ramping up once a cycle starts (might be bad heating elements if the resistance is not going up high enough as they heat).


EDIT: Should also ask, how familiar are you already with electrical wiring, amperage ratings of different wire types, test equipment, etc.

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If it was the original manufacturers plug it suggests that there’s a problem with the machine, that changing the plug won’t fix.

Before when I had this issue, I changed the Heat sinker and it had worked great for several months. I may just change it again

I suspect there is more going on a good repair should last longer than that.

Your right. I just need to find someone who repair heatpress manliness here in Northeast Dallas