Changing Motorcycle Clutch Informal Class

If anybody is interested in learning how to do a clutch job on a modern sportbike ('17 Kawi Z900 in this case), I will be up there tonight to do mine and anyone is welcome to watch/help/give moral support/tell me everything I’m doing wrong. This is not a formal class and is mostly for the curious.

This would be great for new riders or people thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, as it’s not routine, but definitely a crucial part of motorcycle maintenance. It will cost you A LOT more if you have the dealership do it. It’s a fairly easy process on a bike and shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. I’m also installing a remote start alarm system and a T-mobile OBD II scanner with LTE/WiFi/GPS if you want to stick around for that.

Change of plans. I will most likely be up there tonight and into the early AM. Couldn’t shake this night shift schedule even after 24 hours of no sleep. If anybody is interested in the process it just wants to BS about bikes in general. Come find me.

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Are you replacing clutch plates or just a new clutch cable/adjustment. If it’s clutch plates, I wouldn’t call that routine maintenance (I had 30k on one of my bikes that still had the stock plates from 2003, in 2016) but still a good thing to learn as it’s always less expensive to work on your own bike, rather than a dealership.

New plates. Mine got toasted due to a known issue on my bike with the clutch adjustment hardware from the factory. Issue is fixed now, but the steels were gone already so I ordered new steels and friction plates from Barnett’s. Also got some stiffer springs from Brock’s Performance.

I guess you’re right about it not exactly being routine. I’ve owned enough bikes that it just seems kinda routine to me by now. I tend to abuse my clutch more than most as well, so it also kinda depends on your riding style. If you’re hitting the drag strip with your bike every week, clutch plates would definitely be considered routine, lol. I guess it’s all relative.

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