Change a person

Can someone tell me how to cancel someone from a class I am teaching and how to replace them with a walkup person?

Well, it’s probably too late for that, at least in the system. The Calendar got a bit broken and isn’t taking cancellations out of the count. @Team_Calendar is the ones who can help? If there is help, that is.

Thanks I will ask them

It’s all a very manual process and quite the janky work around, so feel free to hit us up to do it (we will of we have time… which will vary…), but usually spoken "gentleman’s agreement " will do, and if you need us to follow up by adding the walk up to AD or similar, just ask and we’ll do it.
The cancelation SHOULD be done by the canceling party.

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Who do I need to message with the names?

This is refreshing. Thank you. :v:

Are you insinuating it wasnt like this before? Surely you jest.

I dunno… When I saw the topic I was thinking someone did something cool for someone else and changed their life… then… I clicked.