Chair and Resin Molds


I have a basic wooden chair and some barely-used craft resin molds that I no longer need. Would anyone be interested in these items or would they be useful to donate to creative arts?

The resin molds are soft silicone and include combs, pendants, hair clips, and bookmarks.

The chair is a traditional dining chair size, are any departments low on seating?


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CA could take the molds.

The chair, though, might be better given to a person. In general, DMS likes chairs with wheels. The ones we’ve got that don’t have wheels are stackable, and generally part of a matching set.

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Perfect, thanks! :slight_smile:

Can I just drop the molds off in CA? There’s a cabinet just for resin, right? (I haven’t explored over there too much yet)

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Put them on one of the tables. We’ll see where they’ll fit in.