Chainsaw for Lumber

What hoops would have to be jumped through (paperwork filled out, approvals granted, training syllabus set up, blood gods appeased, etc.) in order to get @Team_Woodshop to buy a 36" chainsaw blade for members to harvest their own wood from downed trees?

Or who would we talk to about contacting a supplier on behalf of DMS (STIHL, Echo, Husqvana, or someone else) to possibly see if we could convince them to donate one to us?

There are a lot of tool rental places that can accommodate this need.


none of them have the 36 inch blades. The largest I was able to find in the area was 24". PLEASE link me if you have found a place that rents 36" blades. Imma go wild this summer if there is

This. We don’t want to store gas and oil for it or worry that someone is going to use gas containing ethanol and not run it dry. The FM would not like us storing gas operated devices inside.

not the saw, just the blade

This is problematic in that DMS is not a tool_loaning organization: the tools that DMS has do not leave DMS, except in rare circumstances (the LEMONS race, Maker Fairs, and blacksmithing demos formally representing DMS at museums being the main exceptions of which I can think). I don’t think tree harvesting falls into those classes of exceptions.

I like this solution as well.

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again, if any of y’all know of a place that rents 36" blades, TELL ME PLEASE!

Hm, a quick search on 36" chainsaw rental didn’t turn up anything outside of the west coast, perhaps because we don’t have the likes of massive Douglas fir trees to fell in the region.

there is a place in Baton Rouge, but a 12 hour round trip seems a bit excessive


I think your question answers it’s self. Never. All of the characteristics of this request run counter to DMS policy.

Tools should be available to the general membership. And they are intended to be at the space.

So no we are not interested and do not solicit donations with out clearing the request through the appropriate committee and PR

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You can buy a 36 in bar and chain and put it on a properly sized motor. Of course that might violate the rental agreement


it 100% will at most places. Some don’t even like you changing the blades.

So do any members want to chip in like $50 to buy a communal chainsaw? (not stored at DMS)

The other thought I’d throw out there is that the longer the bar of the saw is the more expertise is required to handle it properly. I’ve cut 30-40 cords of wood from both downed and vertical trees and working with the longer saws requires an amount of finesse and experience that would be a concern for novice users.

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Why the fixation on 36 inch. Tree would have to be over 36 in in diameter to need more than A 20 inch blade

Not many trees in this area fit that description

i was at one just the other day; might still be there even

I’ve found that if you have someone holding the other end steady it helps a lot.



please be either sarcastic, or referencing some tool that I am unaware of


6 ft saw will easily cut 36 trees

Works great less cost than Stihl

And will give you a workout


I grant your wish.