Chainmaille class


im about ready to post the listing in the calendar for the next class my question is what you bunch wanna learn this time and if anyone has any major objections to the 14th at 2000 (8pm) in the interactive classroom (if thats the one outside the shop with the painted floor i cant remember the name)

i was thinking id post the class as just E 4-1 sheet (not ribbon like last time) so we wouldnt have as much ground to cover for the class and then stick around after for extra weaves if there is time and an audience and try to offer advice and knowledge on whatever projects you might be (or want to be) working on after that


It took a while fiddling with the ladder stitch to capture a cava hon, it success was finally achieved after taking the last class


I am willing to learn chainmail pattern you will teach.


keep an eye on jul 28 at 8pm in a week or so i got no response from anyone so i decided to try to avoid the pitfalls of the last class and the listing is much more generalized but basically i intend to teach what i can and help where i can and see where it goes from there still trying not to limit class size tho


I have a question, if there was regular height tables and better light
in the Jewelry area, would you hold your classes there?

I am looking at what we can do to hold more classes there rather than
having to use a classroom.

As we get more members and more demand for classes we will likely find
classroom space to be harder to get, If we can get more out in the workshoo, it
wil help that problem, (and I want a normal height table there!_


Cool. I want to learn weaves like japanse 12 in 1. Byzantine, jends pin jpl…cant seem to post a photo of capture I made with ladder, but will ring to clasz


honestly I quite like the setup we have out there and the light levels I find to be adequate. the reason I chose to go with the classroom space instead of the shop is because for my last class I had 10-15 people show up and it was difficult to seat them all and once seated it was somewhat close quarters for walking around the group. I just thought it would be slightly more convenient to use that classroom space. if you need me to change it though I have no problem with that.


actually i still don’t know JPL and the other two i don’t have much experience with however i will in the future be learning new weaves to teach everyone. for now though I want to stick to single size weaves of a basic level so i can generate interest and increase basic knowledge and familiarity before moving on to more advanced subjects. also it allows me to split my attention as described above so i can help with personal projects and goals as well as get new people interested. as soon as i can convince a friend of mine to start teaching i will prolly hand basics off to him and start teaching more intermediate and advanced items myself


We do need more room, my class and Sues class of around 8 were
almost too many,


Whatever you teach is fine. Thanks.
And here is the ladder you taught us


you should definitely bring that to the class it looks pretty darn good and id like to check it out more closely if that’s ok


You did a good job teaching. Took me three weeks to figure it out. …slow learner.
And yes I will bring it.
And you teach whatever you like. I am too new and willing to learn whatever weaves you have to teach
Happy 4th!

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Besides seating it can get uncomfortably hot out there. I would say that if it’s for something like chainmaille where heat/power tools aren’t necessary that it would be more comfortable in one of the classrooms.


i was provided with some helpful tips on basics by some friends and i tried to attach them to my class listing but at least one fo them didnt seem to work so im gonna try again here and i will be discussing them durring the class (i will personally high five anyone who brings a copy in any format they prefer to the class)

first some visual aid on closures:

note that the opening motion pushes the ends inward which if done properly produces the force notated by the yellow arrows

and this will hopefully be a link to download a PDF file with way more info and while i dont necessarily agree with all of it (tool position most notably) i wanted to make it available


HA found part 2:


sooooo due to previous questions my next class will cover HP 3 in 1 and some of its potential applications i dont have a date yet but i expect to submit the class to the calendar in the next day or two

is this the appropriate location to continue discussing these classes or should i start a new thread under the jewelry dept category? i would like to have a thread the regulars can go to for updates, requests, and questions and as far as i know everyone that has posted on this thread gets a notification when i add something here which is why i havent moved it yet


I would say start a thread in general for news of chain maille classes


i will now make any future posts on the following thread