C'est La Vie - That's life


FYI: It does not .mean farewell

What if the Board passes a rule…


Sorry. You didn’t post anything but the video, so it was taken as a farewell.

No worries … I’ll be around for a while… lol

If this board is anything like the last board, just the Directors and Officers are privy to the majority anyway, bar the final unanimous vote.

But to answer your question, a similar set of Directors were put in office. C’est La Vie

Nothing happened, he’s just being dramatic…

With regards to being privy to the board meetings. All the past meeting minutes are posted on the wiki if you are curious. The next meeting is scheduled and there will be office hours before hand where you can informally discuss anything you want with the board. Feel free to join both if you are interested or have any questions.

We aren’t the big mean secret cabal Draco keeps claiming we are. We are actually kind of boring since it’s mostly business stuff and not making at the meetings unless someone has a big tool request.


Yup … this is where the unanimous comes in

if you consider “business stuff” to be … making policy and appointing directors … sure I guess

Gotta love unscheduled Special Meetings with no agendas … sure are handy for avoiding the confrontation

At what point does a single member banging the same drum loudly, over and over and over again become a public nuisance?


I don’t mean to be a nuisance … @zmetzing was getting an incomplete picture from James and had not seen my other post. Feel free to mute me or any of my threads. Unless James rebuts … I’m done here