Ceremark Availablilty?

Is Ceremark available for use? Never had a need for it and now I might so I never paid attention to it. I thought I heard it was locked up somewhere.

Sorry I don’t know if Cermark is available currently.
@hon1nbo Jim, though, has posted up some results of using Dry Moly Lube instead, with results I think he’s reasonably pleased.
I don’t know if it suits your purpose, but he might weigh in…


MakerSpace discontinued providing it. The spray version cannot be sprayed at DMS. There are brush on and tape versions too. I hear the brush-on is more difficult to get consistent results because it is difficult to apply evenly.


This is actually up in the air. It’s technically a process rather than just spraying to add colour to something. However we never got a formal clarification last I checked (that’s a @richmeyer question to see if we ever got a response on that)

I just spray the CRC dry moly lube at home and bring it to the space. Works very well but has to be run very slow.

Here’s a better result with it: Show and Tell July 2020

The first one that @jast linked to I was doing Multi-tone with it. It works, but was harder to dial in. When doing solid tone just run it at 2s/100p for best results. Every percent up is a notable difference in outcome. It’s slow but very clean and less than 1/10th the cost of CerMark (which had to be run very slow anyway, but historically I had been able to run it a bit faster but that was also the higher power tubes on the Thunders so YMMV if trying to optimise time)


I forgot about the Dry Moly Lube. Went to Google to see the cost of a can and saw this YouTube video doing a 1-on-1 comparison. It’s a pretty good compared to the Cermark, but a heck of a lot cheaper. :astonished:



Thanks everyone. I’ll dig around see about trying out the Dry Moly Lube.