Ceramics TShirts

Hi All,

A few committee meetings ago we voted on a slogan for Ceramic T-shirts and “Get Centered” was the winner.

Finally, we have had the time to work on a design for that winning slogan. We chatted about the design in our meeting last week and are now ready to see who all wants in.

The more of you that want a T-Shirt the better the price will be. As long as we have at least 12 in an order the shirts will be less than $15 a person.

Would you like a “Get Centered” T-Shirt?

If so, I need you to tell me which of the 3 color choices you prefer and the size you would like. The design and color choices are below. All of the lettering will be done in white.

You can reply to this message or PM me if you prefer.

Once I have gathered the information and we have enough folks who are interested in ordering I will collect the funds from you so we can place the order. We may have supply issues on particular colors and/or sizes so a first and second choice would be great.

Check out our design, verbiage, and color choices!

Hope to hear from all, if not many, of you :slight_smile:


I’d be down for a Rust or Mint-colored one. In 2XL because I like them baggy.

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Awww these are beautiful!

I would like an XL.

First choice navy, second choice heathered clay.

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I like the the design. What is the weight of the shirts? I much prefer heavier shirts for sensory reasons. Depending on the weight, I might get 2 different colors of it. :thinking:

I want medium and Heathered clay or rust

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Beautiful! I’d like a mint or navy in XL.

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Heathered mint if possible 1st choice.

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The BELLA + CANVAS 3001 series is a 4.2 oz. Airlume cotton shirt.

On a related note, I’d be willing to help print these at the 'Space. The colors that you have selected are, for the most part, available in sizes from XS-4XL from the local Sanmar warehouse. I’m willing to get them through my reseller account and we could definitely come in well under $15 per shirt.


I’d love a large, heathered clay 1st choice, or rust for 2nd choice.

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for that matter, could order professionally made sheets of that design sans t-shirts, that could be heat pressed onto any fabric or color.

Something like these: Full Color Heat Transfers | Transfer Express

Im sure @CaryF300 has good ideas for those that dont want to do dye sub on 100% poly (or at least hi poly)


and to be fair and makery, that design is a single color screen, perfect for screen printing at the space.


I had originally mentioned we could just make the t-shirts at the space. I wasn’t there when things were decided, so it’s whatever they’re doing. It really wouldn’t be that difficult to do at DMS.

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I have a vendor we’ve been working with and since I’ve had them do the design I feel like I should print with them too. Thank you though!

If we get more than 12 orders we will be well under the $15 as well. I was over estimating a bit.

Thanks all we have the making under control for this go around. If we want to do more in the future we can certainly do our maker thing.


Jennifer the shirts are the softer material, which I wouldn’t call thin but it is definitely not thick.

I have a sample if you want to meet up to see and feel the fabric, just let me know.

id do a 3xl in navy or mint

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All, we know we can create these shirts at the Space. However, it comes down to convenience. The majority of us in ceramics are exclusively hobbyist potters with no interest in learning how to use the press etc. Since we are such an active department, our core group does multiple time-consuming tasks from keeping items stocked to the running of 3 kilns. Therefore, paying a dollar more, etc. to have and ensure that these are completed from start to finish, is the direction we are taking.


I forgot to say that I REALLY appreciate y’all coordinating and doing this. Thank you. The design is so beautiful/cool, and the sayings are so clever.


Yup. Knowing you and the committee – and how obvious of an option printing at the space is – I had full faith that this was discussed early on in the process and that another process was selected instead for good reasons.

You are doing a great job running ceramics – and I for one am quite pleased that I can benefit from your hard work, just coming in at the 11th hour and getting a fun T-shirt. :slight_smile:


I’ll take two: one 3XL in Rust and one 3XL in Navy.

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I was talking about doing screenprinting in-house.