Ceramics teaching syllabi

Hey, could someone please send me the ceramics class syllabi? I can’t find them in the thread


It might be on the committee drive. I have no clue how to access the committee drive. Well, maybe half a clue, but still… It isn’t on the wiki.

Interestingly enough … there is no folder for Ceramics on the committee drive. (And not for Fired Arts, either).

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We have a private group where we’ve been sharing teaching resources and syllabi recommendations. Would you like to teach ceramics at DMS?

She already has classes up…
Aren’t some on the wiki maybe?

@pflugere there is a teachers thread that we posted with the syllabi. I will ad you to the thread so you can see them. Let me know if you have any issues.

@Synth83 she has been teaching quite a bit and I mentioned all of our 101 class syllabi.

Thanks, M

@Monikat Thank you for adding me!

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