Ceramics Stock Supply Glaze Voting

Hi folks, I am doing a poll to determine the top 30 highest interest glazes. A future proposal at the November Ceramics meeting will handle ongoing resupply/requests/etc. and this list can be modified at that time. This is just to get us started on what a ‘standard selection’ would look like. The list is taken from our currently stocked glazes and our request board.

I wanted to create a poll that allowed everyone to actually rank their requests but after a quick exploration of the Discourse polling feature and their FAQ, it doesn’t look doable without it being a very convoluted structure. I thought about using an outside polling service but many of them require users to register an email before participating or other unsavory things and is then no longer easily tied to a verified DMS member.

So the solution is kludgey and fussy, but it will generate the data. As this will require a wee bit of volunteer time I do have one request. While I absolutely want you to vote, if you are only very loosely invested, please save me from tabulating your opinion. But if you care at all, please vote!

What to do:

Copy and paste the following list into a private message to @cmcooper0. Assign a ranking number between one and thirty for your top 30 interest glazes and place it at the beginning of the line. Do not re-order the list by alphabetizing it or renaming the options or adding in new options or anything of the sort or I will track you down and garrote you with a cut-off wire. I’ll print-out the PMs and have them available in the Ceramics area after the poll closes for review.

The poll closes at noon on Friday, Oct. 18th.

Please rank your top thirty choices from 1 (most requested) to 30 (least requested):

Saturation Metallic PC-1
Saturation Gold PC-2
Palladium PC-4
Oatmeal PC-3
Toasted Sage
Ancient Jasper PC-53
Sapphire Float PC-24
Chum Plum PC-55
Ancient Copper PC-56
Smokey Merlot PC-57
Deep Sienna Speckle PC-52
Ironstone PC-36
Iron C-36
Temmoku PC-30
Mint SM-42
Ice C-23
Textured Turquoise PC-25
Seaweed PC-42
Storm C-27
Iron Lustre
Vert Lustre PC-41
Rainforest C-49
Aventurine PC-64
Blue Rutile PC-20
Textured Amber Brown PC-62
Lavender C-56
Weeping Plum C-53
Art Deco Green PC-48
Cosmic Teadust PC-63
Salt Buff PC-60
Albany Brown Slip PC-32
Snapdragon C-54
Textured Amber PC-61
Arctic Blue PC-21
Blue Midnight PC-12
Deep Firebrick Red
Indigo Float
Satin Dark Blue
Satin Black
Satin Red
Frosted Turquoise PC-28
Cobalt C-20
Light Sepia

Do not respond to this thread with your vote, please don’t. I have a bet that everyone that has made it this far is awesomely literate and can follow directions, please don’t lose this for me! :slight_smile:

Can someone please print this off and post it in the Ceramics area for me? Thanks!



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gotcha covered :wink: may be a good idea to add your @MS email for those that don’t use talk?

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I’m on my phone out of town, was having scrolling issue so I only submitted my top 11.

So please elaborate on this a little more are we only ordering Amaco to restock right now. Or are we moving to just stocking Amaco?

Q1: For ordering now, I believe only Amaco. (This has been the case for at least months, if not years, nothing new. Non-Amaco glazes on the shelf are donations/abandoned/etc. Except for Stroke ‘n Coats, will make a subsection on glaze proposal to account for those separately.)

Q2: This is first round assemblage of a standard list that can be modified by a vote at any future committee meeting. We have to start somewhere and roughly eight different major glaze manufacturers with 100-500 glazes apiece, a list of everything isn’t possible.

Q1 They just bought glaze today so this one is moot.