Ceramics Show - October 18 & 19


Hey, @Team_Ceramics – here’s a legitimate spot to put those flyers you’ve got.

Don’t forget to consider how full our shelves are as you solicit more members…

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This is a tiny show, With couple of local vendors selling low fire slip cast bisque. A couple of smaller mold vendors.

Glacier ceramic supplies, usually brings a lot of low fire glazes, Brushes, sponges etc.

Just an FYI this is a traditional ceramic show. They usually do not have mid fire stuff.

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Still, if we’re reaching folks who are wondering about getting started in general, we could generate some interest. Although, if they’re coming from the low-fire world, that could be a heap of educating we’d have to do.

Yup, in the traditional ceramics some molds are made for acrylics painting techniques. And pieces are glazed on the bottom and fired on stilts.

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Yes it was a very small show🤔

I spent way too much money on molds and won some ribbons. I’m looking forward to next year. :slight_smile:


I spent wayyyyyy to much money, but I’m stocked up on my fav brushes, and supplies.
Discussed what new in the ceramic industry, and what discontinued. Talked to all the local dealers, Some of the dealers are there every year some were new. I have a few business cards of people I may invite to some of my clay events down the road.