Ceramics: new member looking for intro

Hello everyone!
Looks like my issue is common.

I just joined DMS, primarily for pottery (and sewing) classes. However, it seems like all the ceramics intro classes are full for the summer. Is there somebody who would be willing to teach me?


In good news, most instructors rarely post classes more than a couple of weeks in advance. As everyone is a volunteer, we tend to fit teaching in around personal schedules as time allows. So there is still plenty of summer left that has potential for newly posted classes.

If you let us know more specifically what you are interested in plus a bit about your schedule, then folks can see if your needs match up with their skillset and calendar. For example, if you are interested in learning throwing on the wheel and are available weekday mornings, I can work something out to help you get started. Sculptural handbuilding on Saturday evenings? I’m so not your person. :slight_smile:

I am always stoked for new potters. Welcome!


Thank you much for the quick response!

Yes, I can do mornings (except for T&TH). I am interested in doing some minimalistic asymmetric Japanese tableware (like here: 4 Best Ceramics images in 2021 ). But since I never done pottery, I would be happy to start with anything.


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Ahh, asymmetry, I love it when others do it but my attempts just look…immature in execution. My personal recommendation would be to keep an eye out for one of Monika’s beginning handbuilding classes. She teaches a self-project based slab-coil-pinch pot intro that I think will get you started with the tools and skills you need for that sort of technique.

That said, give it a couple days (holiday long weekend and all) and you might have someone pop up that also rocks that sort of handbuilding. I dig your goal and am looking forward to seeing where you go with it!

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Hello Poli,

If you would like, I willing to teach you one on one. I’ve been doing pottery for aprox 8 years. I have a 9-5 job so I’m at DMS nights a weekends. If that works for you, let me know



I just noticed that the basic orientation course for the Ceramics area has opened up.

That won’t teach you how to make things, but it does tell you how we expect you to behave in our space. If you were working with Chris, she’s up on all that. I’m not so sure about John. Experience from other places doesn’t always translate well to DMS, so far as our expectations of you. Experience in making things? Sure. Meeting “our” expectations? Not as sure.



I posted a class yet to become public for this upcoming Sunday, 7-11 at 4:00 pm. You should be able to sign up tomorrow afternoon


Thank you so much! I managed to signup!


Thanks! I’m in! :slight_smile:


Dear John,

Thank you so much! I managed to sign up for the class, but I hope to see around and would be happy to learn from you as well.