Ceramics - Needs Attention Shelf January 2022

Hi all,

Please monitor this thread for items that “Needs Attention” before the kiln team is able to fire your piece(s).

Remember that if something may be called into question by the kiln team, a note to let us know what the glaze is, or what you were thinking is very helpful and may ensure your pieces are fired vs placed on the “Needs Attention” shelf. If the “Needs Attention” shelf is full there may be a note in/under your item on the current shelf.

Providing your own cookies also helps with larger or odd shaped pieces.

How you place your piece on the firing shelves is how the kiln team should/will load your piece(s). If you have specific instructions as to how you want a piece, or a group of items fired, you need to provide those instructions to the kiln team.

Thank you and Happy Making!


Items on needs attention shelf

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Here is a pic of all pieces on the needs attention shelf as of this morning

Few more items were placed with notes this afternoon.

The needs attention shelf is basically at capacity.

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Today’s need attention items

@knyoung3 – are those your flat/ornament pieces?

Items on the needs attention shelf

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Items on needs attention shelf.

Please remember that that if you are going outside of our 1/4” from the bottom glaze guidelines, you need to provide your own cookie for firing.

Current state of the timeout shelf

These new items need attention

These two were broken.