Ceramics meeting Feb 5 - reschedule?

Hi. The weather tomorrow looks dicey. Do we want to reschedule?

@brendamvilla @Monikat

The weather is supposed to cool with a slight chance of rain. I don’t think there will be any weather issues to stop the meeting. Totally understand if you disagree and won’t attend. If so, I’ll have the meeting minutes up by the end of the weekend.


I won’t be able to attend tonight.;(

I can’t make it tonight but I gave Anette the details on the specialty firing sig that I was able to gather.

Here is the summary;
We have a very local source for the following firings

  1. Raku
  2. Horse hair
  3. Sager

A kiln for salt firings should be available later in the year.

I haven’t had time to spec and price a test kiln.

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